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Audition Requirements

Auditions for Incoming students for the 2018-2019 School Year

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The building blocks of music. All Students should prepare to play at least two scales or four rudiments (Percussion).

        Bb Major and F Major for Winds and Melodic Percussion.
        A Major and D major for Strings/Guitar.
        C Major and G Major for Piano
        4 Percussive Arts Society/Vic Firth Rudiments for percussion
        Winds/Stings/Piano/Guitar: All Major and Natural Minor Scales
        Non Melodic Percussion: Demonstrate all PAS Rudiments.


A piece of music written for your instrument. All Students should prepare one piece of repertoire for their instrument.

        Any exercise, song, or etude from:
            Winds/Percussion: Essential Elements, Best in Class, Standard of Excellence, etc.
            Stings: All for Strings, Essential Elements, Kjos, etc.

Guitar: Hal Leonard Method 1
         Any exercise, etude, song from:
             Winds: Rubank int or adv.
            Strings: Suzuki Method

            Guitar: Hal Leonard Method 3
            Percussion: Drum Set demonstrate the performance of 2 Jazz band charts of differing styles or meters.

Sight Reading

Students will read a brand new piece of music never seen before.

        Students can read simple quarter note rhythms with notes primarily in the staff.

        Students can read syncopated rhythms, with chromaticism and leaps. Guitar players and Pianists will read chord changes.

Jazz Band Auditions will take place at the end of the 2019 Spring Semester for the 2019 - 2020 School Year.

More Coming Soon! But here are the basics:

  • Play Bb Major Scale & Arpeggio

  • Play Eb Major Scale & Arpeggio

  • Play F Major Scale & Arpeggio

  • Play the Jazz Band Rhythm Sheet (Uploading Soon)

  • Play one Jazz Standard Blues Head in Bb (Uploading Soon)

  • Demonstrate some understanding of how to improvise over a Bb Blues

Jazz Band Audition Requirements & Information