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About Millikan Music

The Millikan Instrumental Music Department is one of the most respected middle school music programs in Los Angeles. Millikan Bands, Percussion Ensembles, and Orchestras have a long history of being high-quality ensembles, and we’re certain this year will be no different. We are confident that in partnership with our parents and community we will continue to reach new levels of success.

In the Millikan Prime Music Department, we not only encourage our students to challenge themselves to become the best musicians they can be, but to become the best members of society they can be as well. We work diligently to ensure a successful musical education for your child. The Millikan Instrumental Music Department strives to build a community where we work to provide students with a safe and comfortable environment learning environment .

We invite you to join us.


Course Content and Goals

The goal of each of our classes are as follows:

  • To inspire students to love and perform music.

  • To teach students how to read, write and compose music literature.

  • To teach students to play their instruments to the best of their ability.

  • To teach students how to develop a framework for understanding complex, abstract thoughts.

  • To use music as a gateway to develop creativity in other areas.

  • To teach organizational skills.

  • To develop young leaders with superior collaborative skills.

  • To develop student self discipline and resiliency.

  • To learn how to overcome failure.

  • To meet the California Music Content Standards.

  • To create life long learners.

Course Descriptions:

Here are our 2018-2019 Course Offering!


A note about Jazz Band. Jazz Band takes place during our Homeroom Period and continues to rehearse into the afternoon. Our current Jazz Band Rehearsals are Monday and Wednesday from 2:30 PM until 4:30 PM. Students can be enrolled in any other music class (Band, Orchestra, or Percussion) and still participate in the Jazz Band as long as the pass the audition. To see more information about jazz band auditions see our auditions page (coming soon)!


Band & Advanced Percussion Syllabus

Orchestra & Beginning Percussion Syllabus


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